Citrus Solace Boxes Are In!!!



Our story goes a little something like this: Detroit Kindred started as just a daydream about the collection of products (Yes, really). Back in 2016 it was just  an idea...what if a place existed that held better beauty brands with more variety, better prices, and in a centralized location. Since the beauty industry and entrepreneurs have better options for hair, skin and cosmetics why not present these products to everyday people on a regular basis. Ta-dah! The dream of Detroit Kindred is now reality-beauty, health, and benefits in one place.



Detroit Kindred is an indie beauty company specializing in the curation of natural and organic beauty products, in a nut shell we bring you the popular and newer brands the market has to offer at healthier rates. We believe passionately in great bargains and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to going above and beyond to excel in all areas. 

"Some people may be born with bronzed melanin, or dry skin, bouncy curls or extremely straight hair, centered beauty marks and/or crooked tooth. However you look, everyone experiences this journey called life and we find ways to fix things we don't like about ourselves. I want Detroit Kindred to provide products with advantageous properties for all. At the end of the day its about being able to accept you and walk in confidence loving your inner self as well as your appearance. Being okay with you is only the beginning but treating your body with care takes effort, much practice and patience."