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Let's talk about skin care & fitness. Everyday someone tells me that I have beautiful glowing skin, and it makes me smile because skincare has become important to me. Prior to this, my skin was extremely dry and oily in certain areas, however, once I began my fitness journey, my skin became pimple prone and irritable. I didn't understand why, which led me to experimenting with an abundance of skincare products, however, nothing worked.

Frustrated with my failures and refusing to cease my journey, I began researching. I learned that exercising causes excessive sweating, as well as, a buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria on your skin; all of which can lead to acne, however, after I began implementing 4 things into my life, I've had a major turnaround. Those things are: keeping my hands away from my face, water, Urban Skin Rx, and facials.

Urban Skin Rx

1. My hands touch exercise equipment, which is the breeding ground for bacteria, and by touching your skin, you're directly transferring them. Either wipe them down with antibacterial wipes or keep your hands away from your skin.

2. Water helps rid your body of toxins, and hydrates your body. Keep skin hydrated begins on the inside out, and outside in.

3. Although anyone can use Urban Skin Rx products, they were originally formulated for melanated skin. I wash my face using Clear Skin Cleaning Bar, which is perfect for anyone with oily or blemish-prone skin. I use Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads, which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes even skin tone, remove excess oils, and clarify clogged pores. I use PH Balance All Skin Toner, which hydrates, revitalizes, and calms your skin. Finally, I use a concoction of Aloe Vera & Shea Butter for my moisturizer. My skincare regimen is done twice daily; in the morning and before bed.


Urban Skin Rx

4. I get facials done quarterly. They rejuvenate and detoxify your skin. Unclog your pores, eliminates whiteheads/blackheads, treats acne, etc. The best part for me, the face massage access those pressure points, which reduces stress.

This blog isn't just for those on a fitness journey. These tips can be implemented by anyone. Be blessed.
Carla Parson
- Carla Parson

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