Polyester vs. Satin vs. Silk

Discovering the best material for your precious natural curls.
Don’t you love it when your favorite Youtuber shows you the cutest style but then your left wondering how to preserve it until the next day? Do you pin the rod curls? Should you just throw on a bonnet and call it a day? These are questions we all ask ourselves until the next day shows up and your looking an absolute mess. Don’t fear, the guide for natural hair is here! (Ok, yeah, I know LAME). Just check out the tips below.

Ultimate Goal: Healthy Hair

This is the question many naturals find themselves debating about, which material should I use on my hair? Let’s break this down:

Polyester is a textile fiber typically non-biodegradable and usually composed synthetically.

Satin is a weave composed of various materials such as polyesters, nylons, or even silk. Satin provides a very smooth finish.

Silk is a natural protein fiber produced from silkworms. Material is not a silky as satin composition but does provide lustrous results.

  • comparison chart
All materials assist with the reduction of friction to hair follicles as well as maintenance of natural oils on hair strands. So, which is best for natural hair- polyester, silk, or satin? (Remember, it’s totally up to you.)
comparison chart
Bottom line, all materials can be used for natural hair, all materials cost, and are composed synthetically or naturally and at the end of the day find what factors are more important to you. So now that we’ve covered materials, keep reading to find out which essentials cover which styles.
What is your favorite hair essential? Which essential do you use for which styles? Spread the wealthy knowledge!
*Make sure you keep essentials clean for best outcome.

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